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Have you looked for an auxiliary fuel tank for your truck? Only to be discouraged by the high cost? Me, if I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all! This ol’ cowboy just couldn’t bring himself to drop that much folding money on a fuel tank. That, and the fact that I didn’t have it, even if I could talk myself into letting go of the dinero! So I had to find a better way.

Motorcycle Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Here is a procedure to test the operation of the fuel injection relay and the operation of both fuel pumps. The 3 main things to check in the fuel circuit are the fuel pump relay, and the 2 fuel pumps. Fuel Injection Relay Test. You can check the 1st relay by putting your fingers on the relay module and turning the ignition on and off repeatedly. You should feel the relay click on every time.

Dec 10,  · The adapter in the kit splices into the OE filler hose and the hose from the Aux tank connects to a check valve on the adapter – so when the OE tank fills from the Aux tank, the flow shuts off when fuel comes up into the OE filler hose.

Do I need to add that second inlet to the filter? Is there any benefit to having twice the fuel flowing to the filter? Thanks newt posted Since you have a second pickup in the tank, why not add a second fuel filter for the kicker and provide yourself some redundancy? This way, if the filter for the main engine clogs up, you have the kicker with its own filter to bring the boat home. I was thinking the same thing. Since i’m replacing all the hoses anyways another filter wouldn’t hurt.

That second fitting coming out of that wood part looks like it will make it simple to do anyways. Thanks again jimh posted I had a very similar set-up on the fuel system of my Boston Whaler boat. Let me describe it: From the factory, the fuel system was apparently rigged up to the point where the dual fuel lines were run from the fuel tank to the feed-through fittings on the wooden sump cover.

The dealer or owner who would have installed the outboard engine probably rigged the rest of the fuel system from that point onward to the engine. When I refurbished the fuel system on my c.

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This is sometimes caused by low battery voltage. Delete the codes, and disconnect the DME for 15 minutes. Then reconnect, let the car idle for five minutes, and then drive over 30 mph for more than five minutes. Recheck the codes – if it occurs again, the DME is faulty and should be replaced.

The PN is for cars with an EFI sump and return already in the fuel tank, and PN is for cars with a stock tank and mechanical fuel the systems include the throttle body, ECU.

Originally Posted by tacojet Post There are other things that need to be considered, such as venting and EPA stuff, Like the fuel return line. If the bottom tank is constantly full there will be no room in it for that gas that gets returned. It was in a truck mag article several years ago when they were showing options for high-capicity tanks. That could get complicated here, isn’t our fuel pump in the tank?

Maybe if your aux was valved off from the main tank, and open the valve to transfer from aux to main when main gets low? Been a long time since I’ve worked on anything with two tanks besides boats. With the two tanks and a valve, the center off position makes a nice theft prevention system, they won’t go far with no gas, and typically won’t look for the valve under the seat when it dies. The issue with gravity feed is the lower tank is designed with an air space at the top for fuel expansion and to separate out the liquid gas from the vapor.

The vapor is stored in the canister for burning. If the tank is gravity fed until full this space may be taken up by liquid with no place to expand and liquid fuel be drawn into the canister damaging it. This last problem is already possible if someone overrides the gas pump nozzle cut off switch and constantly overfills the tank. You could install an electric remote fuel valve between the upper and lower tank gravity feed line.

As you get more familiar with how fast the upper tank drains you can adjust the timing of using the upper tank. You can take one more precaution and have the DC power to the tank switch and valve coming from a source that turns off with the ign key or better yet the electric fuel pump to the main tank.

RDS Auxiliary Fuel tank/Tool box

Measuring the resistance in the ‘Full’ position of the float gave readings between ohms. Measuring the resistance in the ‘Empty’ position of the float gave readings between ohms. As mentioned above, a fuel tank sending unit is nothing more than a variable resistor, and the fuel gauge is simply measuring the resistance between the hot wire and the ground. The fuel tank sending units used on all Ford products up through have a resistance range of approximately ohms full and ohms empty.

Diesel generator auxiliary or “day tanks” are desirable if the main fuel tanks are located more than 50’ ( m) from the engine, or located above the engine, or are more than 12’ ( m) below the engine.

Sorry for such a stupid question but never had an outboard before with auxillary fuel line. When I used it on the tender I used the internal tank. I didn’t have to switch anything. I still have the external tank. Allan VicS , We may be able to point you in the direction on an owners manual, at the very least find a diagram of the fuel system. No pump, and no way unless provided to lift fuel from external tank on floor. Bulb will work but will need hand pumping all the time the engine is running.

Fuel from the integral tank may flow by gravity, it may be pumped by the same pump or there may be a separate method of delivering fuel from the integral tank. When we know exactly what engine the Op has it will be possible to give a sensible answer. The fuel tap had three positions.

How to (properly) do an aux fuel tank

The cam is huge so we only saw about inches of vacuum at idle and it has a detonation problem likely do to a high compression ratio and the load involved in pulling this heavy beast of a car. Combine that with a stock flat hood and a degree day, and the big-block could only hold about 5 degrees initial timing before it started to ping. To get an engine with a lot of cam and only a few degrees of timing to idle requires the throttle blades to be opened far enough to uncover the transfer slot in the carburetor.

This provides unmetered air and fuel to the engine causing the car to run on after the key is turned off.

Here is the finished end in the engine compartment where a short fuel hose will complete the connection from the fuel tank to the fuel pump. Wiring for the gauge chosen will vary depending on the application.

Designed with the Customer in Mind As a result of new EPA regulations to reduce evaporative emissions, portable fuel systems are now manufactured in such a way that prevents fuel vapor from escaping into the atmosphere. In addition to the environmental benefit, boaters see an economic benefit because their valuable fuel remains in the tank — instead of evaporating.

The Challenges to Portable Fuel Systems However, the EPA regulations present challenges to the marine industry because the compliant fuel systems are now sealed and unable to vent as in the past. The fact is, all systems sold today must not emit emissions and these new closed systems cause pressure build up inside the tank that rarely occurred prior to the new regulations. Additionally, each component within the system adds another potential restriction to fuel flow.

As fuel restriction levels rise, engine performance is affected. In some cases, complete failure can occur. Our innovative approach ensures that your customers have a simple, safe, and reliable solution for their portable fuel needs. So they only have to add fuel and be on their way.

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Fifth wheel trailers can now be towed with your truck while keeping diesel fuel available. Durable, diamond tread aluminum construction is available in a choice of finishes that guard against chips Specialty series transfer tankNon-rusting.

May 22,  · I am trading in a Chev Dually that has a 68 gal auxiliary fuel tank (which I LOVE) for a Chev. Dually. Dually. I need to add the gooseneck hitch, auxiliary gas tank, and a step so I can climb in the bed to hook up.

Fluids are always an issue. Usually decorated with a red Fill-Rite 12 volt pump on a top corner. Well, not a whole heckuva lot. Both look basically the same. Legally, the transfer tank can not be used as a connected auxiliary fuel tank, whereas the aux tank already has that legal issue dealt with. Not to mention the design is usually a bit nicer than just a DIY tank mod, like many folks do. So I have just a basic transfer tank, with a Graco fuel pump, auxiliary filter, and a digital flow meter.

Most of the auxiliary tanks that are out there are not designed to work as transfer tanks too, but there are a few companies out there that do have a dual duty style…but again, you will pay quite a bit more for it. The two different types of fuel transfer that auxiliary tanks use are gravity feed, and solenoid activated gravity feed. You might only do that once but it can still be an expensive lesson to learn. Not hard to do a system that you could either actuate from the drivers seat, or from the bed of the truck.

How to Hook Up a Fuel Tank to an Outboard Motor

It took me about 10 minutes to do. The hardest part was removing the rear wheel to give myself a little more room to work. I went to Northern Tool Northern tool gravity feed and it comes with everything you need including: Shut off valve, hose, clamps, and a nifty contraption that has a floating ball in it to shut off the gravtity flow when your main tank is full thus prventing overflow.

Motorized Fuel Tank Selector Valves (Diesel or Gas) These valves are designed for use in applications which involve in-tank fuel pumps, not exceeding the rated pres sure of the valve. Motorized valves are driven into position by an electric motor and are stable in either position.

The Ride My Iron Butt Rally This is the blog that I started for friends and family to follow my Long Distance Riding preparation and competition in the inaugural Iron Butt , a 5 day mile motorcycle rally. So that makes this blog a bit of Long Distance History, so I’ve decided to leave it as it is for historical purposes. I will create other blogs as I have new adventures and rally competitions. I talked with Amy about this and others, and how in all my readings, one of the biggest mistakes other riders make is to get into the IBR and then go crazy with changes and additions to their bikes.

This, in many cases, ends up adding issues and problems which have a variety of reasons and excuses. However, I still wanted to be sure, so I asked and talked with those that have been there done that. I decided that having some of the most experienced riders tell me this is a must have, I really had to go back and make a change to my bike.

Riding a Goldwing is a great advantage because it has been around for awhile, has excellent reliability, and almost every change or farkle has been added to one or worked out by others. There are 4 proven Aux Tank set-ups, each with pluses and minuses. They are as follows: Mount a Jaz Fuel Cell on the passenger seat Advantage: Buy a Custom Fuel Tank on the passenger seat Advantage: Since cost is a factor for me I had 2 options, either a commercial fuel cell mounted on the passenger seat or one mounted in the trunk.

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