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Phil show , but in all this time I had yet to encounter one of this breed myself…. Here is what happened and how I sniffed out this rotten fish and dealt with him. His profile was clear and well-written in solid English sentences. He had one, very nice profile photo of him holding a cat. Plus, he lived in a very small town nearby to me. I wrote to him…and he wrote back with: I would like to get to know you. First, I would like to see if we can be friends.

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Originally Posted by JaybirdX I think gender roles are more socially constructed than natural and I feel certain attributes that people say men and woman have are not really the grand as they are made out to be. Not to sound rude but I find the whole “men go after what they want” line to be BS. I really do not see that as a gender exclusive trait and is just used to make a point sound more grounded.

If someone is on the traditional side and likes that old school exchange that is fine but to see that as a natural just seems like a way to make your opinion be irrefutable fact. I think its a matter of perspective while these roles and attributes my have worked out for you and your friends that’s fine its worked for people I know but for me and some people I know they are just to constricted, generalizing and just have a general apathy for them.

If most men did not go after what they wanted – I wouldn’t have gotten hit on all the time when I was younger.

Oh, and Darth Vader Force-chokes an incompetent guitar tech. Aided by friends at Aurora Films, where Slovak worked for several years, they had access to a professional soundstage and high-end.

Early life “They were nobody. They’re dead in a pauper’s grave in the Jakku desert. You have no place in this story. You come from nothing. In 1 BBY , during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire and more than a decade before Rey’s birth , her voice was heard by Padawan Ezra Bridger during his brief visit to the world between worlds —a place that existed beyond time and space.

She believed it was a mistake and that they would one day return to bring her home. Rey wondered if she was left behind under similar circumstances, if her family had come to Jakku by accident and she was left behind as a result of their misfortune. She proved unwilling to admit this even to herself for a long time.

At first, she worked for other scavengers, bringing them the loot she found in crashed New Republic and Galactic Empire vessels that were downed during the battle. She heard local stories about what happened during the battle: The battle had left the ships trapped in the sand in varying conditions, and finding working parts became essential in order to earn food portions, the only thing that was up for trade in Niima Outpost. The trades were made by Plutt, who traded leftover Republic and Imperial rations in exchange for whatever Rey and other scavengers were able to recover.

Rey learned that parts that could be repurposed were the most important; anything that could not be put into another ship was worthless to Plutt.


While we all hold our breath to see what this new installment has in store, we at DragonFruit are taking a look back to the lessons of love our favorite Disney Princess taught us a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Leia Organa redefined what it meant to be a woman in film. Not only was she a leader, but she led unfettered by her emotional attachments. Her leadership of the Rebels was fearless, intelligent and inspiring. Her strength of character put the most powerful men in the Galaxy, Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt, and Luke Skywalker firmly in their place.

This Super-Fast Gadget Swipes Right on 6, Tinder Profiles an Hour Tinda Finger is an essential accessory for any mobile dating user. It simply swipes right to each new person, not only freeing up valuable time, but also maximising your chance of a potential date.

Do you need sex without any obligations? Communicating with Your Friend 1 Tell your friend you have a crush if you need closure. Letting your friend know how you feel might set you free from emotional pressure and pain. Closure is especially important if you want to move on from this crush. With so many unanswered questions, you might not feel ready to date other people.

The only time she gets in touch with me anymore is when he treats her like shit. Lost my bestie to her bf, and every time she talked about him i swear my blood pressure went up! Sinderton Whoever is the moderator, go fuck yourself. Sinderton I definitely relate to this.

Death Star PR: Terrible News: Emperor Palpatine Will NOT be running for President

Once you place your order, email us with your order and pers I use high-quality, food-grade ink to ensure that your Edible Image Decoration has true, vibrant colors. I used only highest quality icing sheet on the market. Your picture will be printed with food color on an actual layer of icing.

Darth Vader Ringtone and Alert $ Make your phone free from the same old, boring ringtone – Set your ringtone to the Darth Vader Theme Song.

While I’ve long-since given up on them, occasionally I give in and download one for a week. The latest app I tried was Badoo, after a press release landed in my inbox touting its ability to find me a celebrity lookalike. I went for it, thinking it would be some harmless fun. But it turned out to just be quite depressing.

The Lookalikes feature in Badoo isn’t new, having released back in July last year , but it is still highly emphasised both in Badoo’s press releases and on the app itself. And is it even practically possible? Badoo’s app looks a lot like Tinder in places, and a little like Messenger in others. It asks you to upload a photo of yourself before you start: I uploaded a photo of my cat, because I was all about being anaonymous, but almost immediately got pulled up as the app detected that I wasn’t actually uploading a photo of myself.

It’s also worth noting that Badoo immediately slaps its own watermark on your photo once it’s uploaded.

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You don’t know the power of the Dark Side. Contents [ show ] Background Anakin Skywalker’s life was once that of a child slave on the harsh desert planet of Tatooine, before the Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn discovered him and determined that Anakin was the chosen one due to being conceived by the medichlorians. But as he grew older, he only felt more and more imperfect. With the tipping point being a dream about his wife dying at birth, Anakin turned to the dark side of the Force to fix himself, which resulted in him falling into lava during a battle against Obi-Wan.

Even though he was severely damaged, the Emperor rescued him and supported him with new armor, turning him into Darth Vader. Years later, after discovering his son , Vader had a change of heart, and sacrificed himself to save him from the Emperor and the Dark Side.

ISTJs make up % of all 16 personality types. ISTJs are the most prevalent personality type among Introverts. On average, people are more Sensing, Thinking and Judging than the opposite preferences.; 1 in every 10 males is an ISTJ (% of all males). 1 in every 15 females is an ISTJ (% of all females).

The Chinese go through similar 3 trials, lust, fear, and doing what they are told. They are in the wilderness for a time as well. Water is the unconscious, the person in the water is the dynism in the unconsciousness, which is powerful and dangerous. Resist like Luke Skywalker, the impersonal claims of the intellectual side. There are many people who have stopped listening to themselves.

This is common indian lore. This is a similar role of mythology, and helps them see what the cores are of their life, and the negative aspects of whats positive, all these things in their place. The psychologist wakes that dragon so you can have a larger field of relations. We deal with it by falling in our place in life. The athlete has in himself a quiet place, and from there comes his action- same in dance, there is a center that has to be held and known.

The teacher can merely give you a clue of the direction, and the student must find what works for himself. Hence there is a plant consciousness. The vegetable world etc, the whole world in conscious. Scientists are openly speaking of the gaiea principal, the whole planet as a living organism.

Goodnight Darth Vader by Jeffrey Brown

The Clone Wars — was introduced through a animated film of the same name. A Star Wars Story, will produce and write one of the television series. Diego Luna will reprise his role from Rogue One, and production is planned to begin in Star Wars expanded to other media From to , the term Expanded Universe EU was an umbrella term for all officially licensed Star Wars storytelling material set outside the events depicted within the theatrical films, including novels, comics, and video games. Existing works would no longer be considered canon to the franchise and subsequent reprints would be rebranded under the Star Wars Legends label, [89] with downloadable content for the massively multiplayer online game The Old Republic the only Legends material to still be produced.

Rey first found herself in the halls of Cloud City, where Skywalker had once fought Darth Vader before learning Vader was his father. She heard Skywalker screaming in disbelief at the revelation, as well as the words of the late Jedi Master Yoda speaking about the energies of the Force.

I promise you, you will know it when you see it. Indeed, Toy Story 3 has established its own unique sequel pattern. It is part of that rare film trilogy where each film is outstanding on its own terms, and each film that comes after is better than the one before. Nobody has yet been able to get to number three and still maintain the momentum.

The problem with sequels, overall, is that the people coming to the second film are the ones who are enamored with the first. Consequently, they expect consistency from their franchise: Instead, they laboriously attempt to improbably engineer events to put their characters in the same situation they were in the first time and essentially remake the first movie over and over again. Home Alone II is beat-for-beat, note-for-note the same film as Home Alone, and the main character relearns all the life lessons he learned in the previous film as if the first film never happened.

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It is indeed possible to add external subtitles to a movie that you re watching using Windows Media Player. The process is even simpler than you might think. Some users enjoy the simplicity of using the media player that came on their device, and Windows Media Player gets the job done in most cases. Preparation First thing s first:

If you don’t, he’s the bad guy from Star Wars, until they tried to humanise him (Note to George Lucas: Darth Vader is the bad guy, and doesn’t show emotions, and he shouldn’t be screaming ‘Noooooo!’ at the end of Episode Three.

We have a guest-post this week, from Christian writer L. Christian men can be fickle and complicated things. People ask me for advice on how to date someone you know you like but that is Christian. This particularly comes from women who want to date my attractive guys friends from softball. DO make sure to always communicate you sexual intentions with a male partner.

Far too many women assume that men are wired for sex we kinda are and that they are willing to eschew the Lord in a moment of lust. While that has occurred to several Christian men, themajority want a long and committed relationship with a woman who values romantic relationships. If he is a true-believerI doubt you want to get into a comparative study with Jesus Christ. DO take an active interest in his church work.

A dearth of physicality should build into a wonderful and active sexual life once married. Many Christian men are willing to make exceptions, but again that is something better to be discussed than forced. Many of my friends have gone on Christian dating sites because these situations have made them uneasy. DO let him know how you feel about the church and religion. While he certainly appreciated the honesty, the fervor for her new relationship seemed to muddle her judgment.


Through it all, she became instrumental in the defeat of the Galactic Empire in the Galactic Civil War and led the fight against the First Order. After her mother died and her father fell to the dark side of the Force to become Darth Vader, Leia was adopted by the House of Organa. She took the place of her adoptive father, Bail Organa , in the Senate and helped lead the fight against the Empire. During the war with the Empire, Organa was entrusted with the stolen plans to the Death Star , an Imperial superweapon capable of destroying entire planets.

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Till We Have Faces by notdarthvader reviews When Luke rejects Darth Vader’s offer of a chance to rule by his side on Bespin, he sets into motion a long series of struggles between sacred and profane love, as Vader learns that we cannot truly care for a person “till we have faces”, and sincerity in our souls and selves. Star Wars – Rated: He taxes the villages, leading Maurice into debt. Belle has no choice but to work at the castle to stop her father from being sent to prison.

Reduced to that of a humble maid, Belle hopes to never encounter the Prince, but when her curiosity gets the better of her, it leads to consequences Beauty and the Beast – Rated: What he doesn’t realize is that fifteen year old, Peter Parker is a foster child in the child care system and Peter wants it to stay that way. Can Peter keep his secret while training with the Avengers? Can he keep himself from making connections in case he gets sent away?

Benefits of old laws by ulktante reviews Parts of souls do not go on alone. When Voldemort returns to a body he is much more sane than before and realizes that he cannot go on as he started. Finding some old laws he sets out to reach his goals in another way.

Darth Vader Blind Date [May The Fourth Be With you]