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Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Habboo: Right down to where to shop her incredible wardrobe. You’d think we’d be pretty used to the rolling conveyor belt of Made In Chelsea cast members by now, but every time a new face joins the fifteen season old gang down in one of London’s fanciest boroughs, we’re just as excited as we were way back when we first met a young wayward Jaime Laing. At this present moment in time though, we’re super keen to get to know Sophie Habboo. You may know her as ‘Habbs’. As in Habbs is short for Habboo. Like what they did with Georgia Toffolo’s nickname. It’s all very much that ‘this is the name I had written on the back of my hockey kit back at my posh university sports team’ vibe, but I digress

Good Luck Charlie: What Is The Cast Up To Now

She is portrayed as a competitive girl who strives for perfection in everything she does. Spencer is willing to do whatever it takes to win, often to the detriment of herself and others. She is known to have a dark side; She appears to suffer from rage-induced black outs, which leads her to question whether she had anything to do with the death of her friend Alison, and also shows signs of OCD.

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Analysis, discussion and freak-outs about our favorite TV shows. It’s the season finale of Pretty Little Liars!! Will any questions be answered? Will Toby come back? Will Red Coat be revealed? Will Red CoAt be reveAled? Don’t worry; I’m far too lazy to keep up that terrible typing for the rest of this recap. Let’s do this thing!

It’s a tea party at the Hastings! I wish all releases from the sanitarium were so pleasant. The girls wonder whether to discuss the potential death of Toby with Spencer, but Hanna is more interested in the difference between English muffins and crumpets. Spencer explains the basics. She invites the girls to a soiree to celebrate her release from Radley, but neglects to extend the invtiation to we, the viewers.

Pretty Little Liars in a Nutshell:

Seeing that Liam will need some time, Hope, realizing that she and Liam will never get back what they had in the beginning, lets him go back to Los Angeles while she stays. While walking through the woods, she stumbles upon Wyatt, who’s in a solar shower and then takes a photo of him with her phone. But when he catches her, she runs off while he chases after her until Hope suddenly trips and is knocked out. Wyatt finds her and revives her by kissing her. He later finds her phone and finds her at the Forrester cabin where he gives her the phone and also introduces himself.

Wyatt takes Hope’s breath away when he gives her a gentle kiss.

As of 30 November , the website and forum is no longer available. iiNet and the team would like to thank everyone who was involved in the community of readers, players, downloaders and lurkers alike for their support over the years.

And I need more people to talk about it with! So let my 10 reasons convince you, and then come and talk to me about your thoughts on C. More on that later. The West Wing lore has it that Josh is based on Rahm Emanuel, so, by the transitive property, I must be in love with him too. And goddamn, was she right. The Flamingo serves as the White House Press Secretary, and the way she handles a roomful of rowdy reporters will make you weep and then build a shrine to her.

Donna Janel Moloney is so badass that she leapt from recurring supporting cast to the main credits between the first and second season. I believe she does, in later seasons. God, everyone on this show is so sassy. Toby Ziegler Richard Schiff , Communications Director, whose cranky exterior often cracks to reveal his love and respect for his coworkers.

Toby And Spencer Dating In Real Life

Fri, November 1, Blame it on the tornado. You oughta look at it. The Oklahoma native was in a Nashville, Tenn.

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Aria sang in a dark room, while Noel Kahn played guitar. Also, Ezrafitz became a Child Predator Superhero. We open up Moments Later, well, moments later. The person who hit Hanna jumps out of the car and runs away. A has to be killing it with the cardio. I mean, is there something I can help you with, Officer? Nobody knows she stole from Mrs. Someone got hit by a car, and it was Hanna. Dear A, please aim for Aria next time. Hanna is driven away in an ambulance, and the remaining PLLs leave to meet her there.

Before Aria turns away, she sees Noel Kahn in a black beanie and black shirt, lurking in the shadows like a damn murderer. There is no such thing as a decent man in Rosewood. Big Eyes tell you to Shhhhh! MamaMarin comes out to deliver the good news that Hanna is alive; she just has a broken leg.

Pretty Little Liars “Under the Gun” Review: David Lynch’s Rosewood

There’s much speculation over whether Alison was just manipulating Emily or actually has feelings for her and was an Armored Closet Gay. It turns out to be both. Mona seems even less ambiguous toward Hanna. The liars can also be seen as this.

Hollyoaks is a British television soap opera that was first broadcast on 23 October The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the serial in , by order of first appearance. All characters were introduced by the show’s executive producer Bryan January, Kevin Foster made his debut screen appearance. The following month saw the arrivals of Nate Tenbury.

The two got married recently at the Rainbow Room in the Rockefeller Center — on the 65th floor. The whole cast joined the happy couple who have been happily married ever since. Sara later went on to come out as a lesbian. Johnny went on to have a long list of girlfriends, like his character on the show, an experimental physicist called Leonard. He was an addiction specialist and the pair had a fairly serious relationship — perhaps helped by the fact that he came from a different industry to her.

It was even rumored that the two were engaged in October of the year they got together. However, the blonde bombshell and Resnik were not to be and Cuoco went on to have a series of other relationships. They dated briefly in the mid noughties. The relationship did not last long. Interestingly, despite a string of successful roles, Harper now works as a florist having retired from acting.

Barry Kripke on the hit show. His actress wife, Jamie Denbo, is well known for her part in Ghostbusters but also being a very witty comedienne.

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The sitcom about a group of science geek friends was a hit from the very first episode, and it made nerds and non-nerds alike fall in love with the adorable personalities of the lead characters. Geeks everywhere cheered when they saw that at last socially-awkward geniuses got the beautiful girl on television, instead of rejection. Throughout the last 10 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, many on-screen and off-screen relationships developed. In a delightful turn of events, the two form an incredible relationship on and off and eventually get married!

I know, sadly Bernadette and Howard do not really have a cute baby together and Sheldon and Amy are not really going to get married. However, the actors and actresses real girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives are also pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves- so why not give them a chance?

Basketball Wives. Follow the daily lives, drama-filled parties and outrageous fights that unfold between the wives, ex-wives and girlfriends of professional basketball players.

Wednesday, March 13, Positive Pretty Little Liars fanfiction What seems like the right thing to do could also be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life. He would just think I was messing with him. Anyways, I would have to tell him, I couldn’t just run away in my senior year. Plus I never want to leave Ezra, he’s the love of my life, and I would never think of hurting him. He was coming back for two hours to get some more clothes, and to see me.

But, unfortunately he was coming when it was school hours. I had to see him, so I had to bunk off. I have to tell him that I’m pregnant.


Spencer Hastings Could Be A Twin This is a bit outrageous and probably a bit exaggerated but we hope to have found enough evidence to make this theory plausible. We noticed one character who have similar beauty marks on their left cheek and that would be Spencer Hastings. What if the blonde hair is just a misinterpretation of the story?

Perhaps, when the story was told over and over again, somewhere down the line the twins hair color was changed by the person telling the story.

Hanna Olivia Rivers (née Marin) is a fictional character created by Sara Shepard for the Pretty Little Liars book series, and later developed for the Freeform television series adaptation by I. Marlene King and portrayed by Ashley character has also appeared in the spin-off series Ravenswood.. Hanna is one of the four protagonists of the franchise, and the stories depicts her life.

They soon start dating. But this relationship ends when Spencer is caught cheating on Teddy at work with Teddy’s soon to be friend Skyler. Soon after that they kiss, but they decide to just stay friends. In the episode, Can You Keep a Secret? It is said in the episode, Le Halloween , that Spencer and Teddy have been together for a year since they got back together.

Spencer and Teddy part ways in All Fall Down when Spencer goes to college early and they can’t handle a long distance relationship. Teddy and Spencer admit that they love each other, but they decided to break up in All Fall Down. Teddy and Spencer on their first date Then in Teddy’s Choice Spencer came for Teddy’s 18th birthday and told her he couldn’t be friends with her-it was too hard, because he was still in love with her. This left Teddy teary-eyed but she still chose Beau over him for the moment.

Then in Good Bye Charlie they start dating again. Their mothers are also friends. Teddy sometimes doesn’t trust Ivy’s opinion. Also, Ivy sometimes does not like that Teddy is dating Spencer and Teddy doesn’t like the fact that Ivy is dating Raymond.


Quoting limited to 3 levels deep Very odd stuff with Shana. All of a sudden she is all enmeshed in the mystery stuff and she has something going on with Jenna, one of the most mysterious people on the show. I don’t get what the deal is, it’s like they decided they needed someone from Emily’s side to be involved in the A mystery, but given that they killed off Maya, they kinda cleared Paige, they just thew Shana in there to even it out.

Throwing Shana into the mix was very out of place.

But Bellisario made Spencer’s pain so real, it left an indelible mark on fans and the series. The year-old is also reprising her role as Lauren in WIGS’ incredibly important webseries of the same name about a soldier who comes forward following her on-base rape. Season one chronicled Lauren’s failed quest to bring her attackers to justice while season two jumps around in time to showcase Lauren’s life, pre and post-rape, as well as the series of events that led her superior played by Jennifer Beals to stonewall her.

I caught up with Bellisario to talk about Lauren’s second season, the similarities between her two most prominent characters and the soon-to-launch fourth season of Pretty Little Liars. What was your reaction to finding out season two would play with time? I was really quite overwhelmed.

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