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Mike is initially sent to Graceland to investigate Paul Briggs, who is believed by the bureau to be skimming heroin. Mike finds out that Briggs is a former heroin addict and has been skimming and selling heroin under the alias Odin Rossi in his attempt to track down Jangles, the Caza torturer who got Briggs addicted to heroin and killed his former team. Mike trusts Briggs reluctantly. When Mike is kidnapped and tortured, Briggs is the one who finds him and kills the two torturers. In The Unlucky One , Mike and Briggs torture a man together for information on a sex trafficking ring. In the season finale, when Mike is being killed, Briggs is the one who rushes to Mike’s hospital room. Mike’s now ex girlfriend. They met at The Drop. She is from Baltimore, Maryland. She went to school at Wellesley College and Georgetown Law.

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She is the on-screen general manager of the SmackDown brand. Her nationality is British. She attended The Hewett School in Norwich, graduating in

Kevin Skaff () – The guitarist, Kevin Skaff started dating Paige in May The news of their engagement surfaced on the Internet later in the year. The duo called it quits in February She is the youngest Divas Champion in the history of WWE.

Powered by imdb Saraya-Jade Bevis born 17 August is an English professional wrestler and actress. She is signed to WWE, where she performs under the ring name Paige. She is the only person to have held both championships concurrently, and as of May , her day reign as the NXT Women’s Champion is still the longest in WWE history. At the age of 13, Bevis made her debut in in the World Association of Wrestling, a promotion run by her family, under the ring name Britani Knight.

She went on to hold several championships on independent circuits within Europe. In , she signed a contract with WWE and started wrestling within its developmental systems, eventually debuting on WWE’s main roster in April In her debut match on the main roster, she won the Divas Championship for the first time, becoming the second woman in WWE history to win a championship in her debut match and the youngest champion in the title’s history at the age of Bevis was born and raised in Norwich, Norfolk, the daughter of professional wrestlers Ian Bevis and Julia Hamer-Bevis, who once unknowingly wrestled while she was seven months pregnant with Bevis As a child, Bevis was scared of wrestling because of the injuries her family received and the concept that her parents fought other people for a living.

She also intended to become a zoologist.

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Online searches on the two-time Divas Champion will display numerous results asking if she has a boyfriend as well as rumors of who she may or may not have had a relationship with. It is quite common for professional wrestlers to find love within their profession, as evidenced by the countless number of couples over the years. There are even more photos of the two together, which you can check out here.

WWE fans catch rare glimpses of their favorites when the spotlight goes off and feel downright hurt if they are caught unaware by one development or another. Broken hearts and a fifteen-year age difference aside Alberto Del Rio is years-old, whereas Paige is 23 , their relationship actually seems natural when their respective backgrounds are taken into account.

May 11,  · Christopher Lynn Moore (born January 11, ), known by his stage names Lil Twist and Twizzy F., is a rapper from Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. .

Prue Halliwell Shannen Doherty Prue Halliwell played by Shannen Doherty is the eldest sister who initially receives the power to move objects with her mind using telekinesis within a direct line of sight. She sacrificed a majority of her childhood to help raise her two younger sisters Piper Holly Marie Combs and Phoebe Alyssa Milano , after the death of their mother Patty Finola Hughes and the abandonment of their father Victor James Read. Piper Halliwell Holly Marie Combs Piper Halliwell played by Holly Marie Combs is the second eldest sister who initially receives the power of molecular immobilization, which allows her to freeze her surrounding environment.

In season three , she marries their whitelighter Leo Wyatt Brian Krause , and as the series progresses, they have two children— Wyatt born in season five and Chris born in season six. Phoebe Halliwell Alyssa Milano Phoebe Halliwell played by Alyssa Milano is the third sister who initially receives the power of premonition , which enables her to see into the past and the future. Because of her free-spirited nature, she often comes into major conflicts with Prue Shannen Doherty , but the two eventually mend their relationship.

Paige Matthews Rose McGowan Paige Matthews played by Rose McGowan is the youngest half-sister who initially receives the power to move objects with her mind by orbing “teleporting” them from one location to another through a vocal command. She is the secret love child of the Halliwell sisters’ mother Patty Finola Hughes and her whitelighter Sam Wilder Scott Jaeck , making Paige both a witch and whitelighter. She was unaware of her magical history until Prue’s Shannen Doherty funeral at the beginning of season four , in which she goes on to help reconstitute The Charmed Ones by taking Prue’s place in the Power of Three.

In the final season, she marries mortal parole officer Henry Mitchell Ivan Sergei.

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Moore has been the center of public adoration for years, rising to fame as a teenager and reinventing herself again and again. After years of brief but intense romances and celebrity mismatches, she seems to have found real happiness with singer-songwriter Taylor Goldsmith, of the folk rock band Dawes. Goldsmith hails from Los Angeles County, California. He began producing music under the name Dawes as early as , when he was just 17 years old. It has blossomed into a massive career for him, and may also represent a triumphant ending for Moore as well.

Paige Chandler — Paige and David Castrohave been dating for a whopping five years, and they’re still going strong! In fact, they recently celebrated their anniversary. In fact, .

She is somewhat domineering, as is her father, who is a retired general. She is also naive, and believes that any problem can be solved by money. She engages in many hobbies befitting her high social status including hunting, painting, golf, and surfing, and has a long list of connections she can call upon. Her first appearance, ” Comfort’s Overrated “, was when her boyfriend Graham, a man in his 50s, was injured in a surfing accident.

She attempts to hire Hank as a “faux-beau”, a fake boyfriend to cover from her parents who are questioning her lack of evidence of having a boyfriend. While Hank declines, Evan manages to convince her to hire him, which leads to a day of makeovers and photo shoots. During this, Evan begins to fall in love with her, which Paige fails to or refuses to consider. Graham breaks up with her as he leaves for his African photo shoot, wishing that she did not feel the need to hide him from her parents.

However, her “faux-beau” diversion was still in effect, and in “Frenemies” Evan is taken to meet her parents. When her father blindsides them by taking them to a year-round hunting grounds, and Evan’s inadequacy leads to him being minorly injured. After realizing Evan’s dedication to her, and hearing his heartfelt, unrehearsed speech on her own dedications, she decides to take him out for dinner.

After some major ups and downs in their relationship, Evan and Paige say “I love you” in Season 2 Episode

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Edit Paige is working when her boss tells her to get her son to stop messing with the condiments. She tells her son to straighten them up because the owner is a very neat person. When Scorpion utilise the restaurant as a base to conduct research and hacking into the aircraft, Walter notices Paige, primarily her son Ralph, and notices his behavior. She witnesses Walter and her son play chess, but doesn’t understand what they’re doing until Walter tells her that her son needs help and leaves.

Ralph checkmates Sylvester, a grandmaster in chess, and Walter informs her that Ralph is a genius, not challenged, causing her to tear up.

Bradley Walden () – The singer, Bradley Walden was in a relationship with Paige for a brief time in the year Kevin Skaff () – The guitarist, Kevin Skaff started dating Paige in May

This is an alternate version of what might have happened if Paige had been in a relationship with Seth Rollins and joined the Authority on Raw Monday night after attacking AJ Lee. Also this is my 1st attempt at a wrestling story so I hope you all like it. I don’t own WWE or any of the other promotions named or the Wrestlers contained in this story.

Chapter 1 It was the day after Breaking Point and due to a change at the last minute by the Authority Paige was still without the Divas title and she was not in a good mood about not getting the title back she was ok with having to team with AJ tonight since the two actually had in ring chemistry. AJ had also seen the card for tonight and knew that Paige was in a foul mood about the change the Authority had made to their match last night she was prepared to let Paige share the weight of keeping the Divas Division relevant even if that meant they would swap the title back and forth every few months but as long as they had great matches she was happy.

They were about to enter the Divas locker room when Hunter came walking towards them.

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The company sold doll furniture and musical toys in the beginning. Later on many different dolls and toys. Jack Ryan with the help of his brother Jim created Chatty Cathy’s pull string voice box in and applied for a patent on the doll in Feb of Also in the sculpture and design of the Chatty Cathy head was done by Tony Hower?? I don’t have his last name.

Paige Hyland Wiki, YouTube Channel, Net Worth, Dating, Family, Career January 3, By Juan Besh Paige Mackenzie Hyland is the youngest daughter of Randy .

The disappearance of a young Colorado mother exposes a double life Craig and Callie got ready to search in the punishing desert heat. Paige’s brother briefed the volunteers on what to do if they found anything that could be linked to his sister. As the volunteers pressed on, the Birgfelds had to navigate through a darker, more difficult terrain — the mysterious double life that Paige had apparently been leading.

We were saying, ‘Wait a minute, what’s this computer doing here? The family called police because they were convinced that Paige’s computer held clues that could have put her in danger. I mean, I would give anything to see her again right now and give her a big hug,” Craig said. As Craig Birgfeld’s concern grew, the search paid off with a discovery that could lead them closer to his sister. Various personal items, such as Paige’s checkbook and a membership card to a local video store, were found scattered along a highway some 15 miles from where her burned-out car was discovered.

For all its beauty, there is clearly a darker side of the Mesa. We’re halfway through this canyon. We haven’t found her yet. Still hoping we do, but part of me still praying that we don’t,” Craig Birgfeld said at a search site. As long as that condition exists I presume she is. I chose to hold out hope,” Frank Birgfeld said.

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After two suspensions and neck surgery, the WWE star has another problem to deal with: On March 17, , a string of nude photos and videos of Paige surfaced online. There are videos of Paige having sex with men, engaging in oral sex, and performing a solo act with a sex toy.

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Never got to know his father, unfortunately. Elizabeth taught Cole to despise his human side for its “weaknesses. The Source of All Evil saw a good deal of promise in Cole and had Elizabeth put him through law school so he could blend into human society as a prominent lawyer. Many upper-level demons seek to infiltrate the mortal world in order to further the cause of evil, and Cole was particularly well suited for this since he was half-human. Sometime around or , the Source selected Cole to become a member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn , an elite society of upper-level demons.

He was particularly close with two of the Brotherhood’s other younger members, Tarkin and Trigg ; they were the closest things he had to friends. Cole taking orders from The Triad. Cole was hired by the Triad to get close to and kill the Charmed Ones. The Triad promised to give him his father’s soul if successful. The sisters witnessed the attack and foiled the assailant, Emilio Smith , who was possessed by a Guardian in a plan to spread evil in the San Francisco area.

When he arrives there, the youngest Charmed One, Phoebe Halliwell , is immediately taken with him. Cole calls the sisters in as witnesses for the man’s trial, but the judge, William Hamilton , acquits him. Hamilton, it turns out, is an upper-level demon who is assigning Guardians to criminals. At Emilio’s next arraignment, Piper freezes the innocents in hopes of smoking out whoever is assigning the demons.

J.D. Paige follows in relatives’ footsteps for CSU men’s basketball

Share Here is my thirty ninth fanfiction. Sorry for the bit of delay, but enjoy! In the park on a sunny yet cloudy day, Lincoln was sitting on a park bench playing on his Nintendo DS. Next to him was a girl named Paige, who was also playing on a Nintendo DS system. I’m gonna beat you!

Paige Matthews is the daughter of Patty Halliwell and her Whitelighter Sam Wilder. She is the first known Whitelighter-Witch in existence. Paige is the younger half-sister of Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell.

Satchel Paige “You win a few, you lose a few, the rest get rained out. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watchin’. Yes, Leroy “Satchel” Paige was all of those — and more. The early years It is entirely fitting that Satchel Paige’s birthdate is estimated to be July 7, — the date his mother put in the family Bible. Except that Lula Paige says, “I can’t rightly recall whether Leroy was my first-born or my 15th” — she bore 12 children, including a set of twins.

On one visit with a sportswriter, she confided that her son was actually three years older than he thought he was. A few years later, she amended that comment to say he was just two years older than he thought.

‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore and Dawes Singer Taylor Goldsmith’s Romantic Relationship Timeline

Edit When Paige was trying to protect a future whitelighter, she met Henry Mitchell , the parole officer of her charge. Initially, they had a rough start, but learned to overcome their problems overtime. Henry later located a baby named Ramonand handed him into Paige’s care while trying to locate the father. In part of the truth, he was using the opportunity to meet Paige again.

Where is Paige Mackenzie? The History of GolfShe had been born in Yakima, Washington, on February 8, Mackenzie is the graduate of Eisenhower High School, where she had been selected as a first-group All-Big-9 decision each of the four seasons.

Sep 13, 4: After she learned that Striegel has been convicted of being a sex offender she called on the studio to cut the scene. She called her co-stars so they would be informed of the situation. In Striegel pleaded guilty to trying to lure a year-old girl into a sexual relationship using the internet. According to the Los Angeles Times , he served six months in jail after pleading guilty to two felonies. A lot has happened since news broke of this incident and how Munn has been an ally to sexual assault survivors.

Most recently the once year-old Jane Doe survivor has come out and identified herself and thanked Munn for her actions. Munn shared her words on her Twitter. When the abuse takes place with a child, it is even harder to overcome. Sometimes all it takes is one person speaking up for you, acknowledging your worth as a human being. They were friends before he was found guilty of risk of injury to a child and enticing a minor by computer and remained friends afterward. Black has cast Striegel in multiple movies since his release from prison.

Munn has experienced backlash from her co-stars for speaking out about Striegel.

Paige Talks About Being Used in Her Past Relationship: Total Divas, March 8, 2015