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It is an inspiring sight to see all of you here today to celebrate both an end and a beginning! I was also an August BYU grad, exactly thirty years ago. I am glad we can celebrate together today. As we have just been so beautifully taught by President Worthen, you have all entered and learned, and now it is time to go forth and serve. I say this to all of you and to each of you. Your future is radiant with promise and with opportunity, and the world needs you. BYU exists to provide an outstanding education in an atmosphere of faith. But I believe BYU also exists because of the opportunity that it provides to connect us with others. Our motto is Connected for Good. I want to share with you what I think that means.

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Who is Thomas Glover? Thomas Glover is a legend and known world wide.. Thomas Glover was a Scottish merchant, born in June of

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RR Auction Company has listed a job application from filled out , just a few years before Jobs founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in While Jobs’ accomplishments need no mention, the handwritten job application shows he was truly awful at selling himself back in the early ’70s. On the application Jobs also spells his last name with a lowercase j, provides no phone number, and lists his address simply as “reed college” without any additional information.

So, if someone actually wanted to hire Jobs, they’d probably have a difficult time even contacting him. It’s unclear where Jobs filled out the application. Under special abilities, Jobs wrote, “electronics tech or design engineer. The listing also provides some background info, revealing the important time in Jobs’ life when he filled out the application. However, he hung around campus for a year and a half to audit creative courses, including classes on Shakespeare, dance, and calligraphy—these would help to shape his artistic worldview that influenced the innovation of the Macintosh computer.

In his Stanford commencement speech, Jobs recalled: In , Jobs and Wozniak set out on their own and founded Apple, introducing the personal computer to the masses.

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Mar 24, Birthplace: November 7, was an American movie actor, nicknamed “The King of Cool”. He was considered one of the biggest box-office draws of the s and s due to a captivating on-screen persona. McQueen was considered combative and the archetypal “difficult movie star” who disliked working with directors and producers. To compensate, he would work only if paid an extremely large salary for his films; he was one of the highest paid actors of the s and s.

He never knew his father who abandoned his wife and child shortly after McQueen was born – although he did find the house where he lived approximately a year after his father’s death.

Steve and Eydie weren’t just wedded to Las Vegas professionally they were actually married there in Eydie Gorme got her big break in when she auditioned with “The Steve Allen Show: “They asked me how many songs I knew, and I said 2,,” she recalls.

Has Steve Perry of the band Journey ever been married or had children? He has never been married or had a long-term partner. Although he has never publicly stated that he has children, somesources cite a daughter born out of wedlock in or , whosemother was from Fresno or Delano. Perry stated in an interview that he did not intend to releaseinformation on his c…hildren, if there are any. Steve Perry from ‘Cherry Poppin Daddies’ lives in Oregon, in a small town up here, I live here too, and we see him from time to time.

And no, we don’t ask for his autograph, we treat him like anyone else, most likely why he lives here.

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A lot of them. Like Wayne Newton and Frank Sinatra they became synonymous with the desert town they loved. Steve and Eydie weren’t just wedded to Las Vegas professionally they were actually married there in They were looking for a blonde, someone who looked like Marilyn Monroe. And I was, well, me. They said they would give me two weeks.

In the comments on mikl-em’s post about comics first appearances on The Tonight Show, Doctor Popular tips us off to a episode of The Dating Game featuring Steve Martin as one of the competing bachelors. Of course there’s the infamous episode where Andy Kaufman was .

The band is known for its expansive songs, esoteric lyrics, elaborate album art and live stage sets. A prolific performer, Steve released his 19th solo album in and Anthology in He joined YES in and has been with the band ever since. With his consummate professionalism and easy-going nature, Alan continues to be an inspiration to fellow musicians as well as fans. He graduated from Leeds School of Music in , making him the first member of YES to graduate with a degree in music.

He is also known for his work in The Buggles and Asia. He currently also sings in Tennessee band Glass Hammer. He is also an accomplished solo artist and has collaborated with artists such as the Greek musician Vangelis, among others.

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From what I understand, he was separated with his wife, but had not filed for divorce. There is no real way to tell what all happened with him and his wife, or what the real situation was. So he definitely was married, but may have been separated for years for all we know. It’s not uncommon for people to be married and separated for a long time before officially getting a divorce – normally having an especially large or small amount of money will cause this.

Divorce is somewhat expensive, so if you don’t have much money, it’s tough to do. Likewise, if you have a lot, and it was all earned by one partner in this case, McNair , it’s tough for a man to part with half of HIS earnings, and then pay child support and whatnot on top of that assuming he didn’t get a pre-nupt.

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Mick Jagger’s affair with David Bowie revealed in new book: Jagger was just four years older than Bowie, and yet Bowie was now being hailed as the hot new star. Ziggy, in spandex and gold body paint, hugged Mick when Jagger paid him a backstage visit in the spring of When Bowie and his companion Scott were invited to a Stones concert a few months later, Mick not only paid for the couple’s hotel room but sent along roses and champagne with a note signed “Love, Mick.

He was wearing rhinestones, blue eye shadow, and platform shoes. Why would you want to be anything else if you’re Mick Jagger? Angie says she walked in to her bedroom to find Bowie and Jagger naked in bed. She thought her husband had nothing to gain from cozying up to Jagger, and that such a friendship might even cost him credibility with his hip, young fan base. Bowie, who called Jagger Mike — never Mick — thought differently. Not only was he in awe of Mick’s ability to electrify audiences year after year, but he respected the veteran rocker’s songwriting talent and business savvy.

Neither superstar complained when one enterprising photographer snapped the two men in a moment of repose, Bowie tenderly cradling Mick’s head in his lap.

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Bridget Loves Bernie Saturday 8: In a weird twist, the two stars fell in love during the production and were married shortly after the show was cancelled. How can a program that lands in the top five right out of the gate get cancelled?

A selection of television programs preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive since A The Dating Game: Show # (ABC, 4/1/68) Stereoscope: “Dr. Loriene Chase Interviews Linda Lovelace” () The Steve Allen Show.

Gimmicks were the lifeblood of all such shows, which drew criticisms for instigating disaffection that could not have been effected. Generally the bachelorette would ask questions written in advance on cards to each of the three hidden bachelors. In shows involving couples, there is a substantial incentive to break up any of the existing relationships. When the original format returned to the syndicated revival in , these rules were readopted but there was more of a variety between bachelors and bachelorettes.

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The New Dating Game – Dick Clark (1973)