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Skags are large, dog-like creatures, easily identified by their strong bony armor plates, aggressive behavior, and distinctive three-jawed mouths. Contents [ show ] Background Skags dwell in underground burrows. Though skags primarily carve out their burrows by using their hard, hook-like claws to dig, the molded appearance of their den entrances evidences the use of corrosive compounds – common to some types of skag – to break down the Pandoran stone. Skags seem to behave like meerkats , with most of the pack inside the den and a few roaming just outside. Skags’ distinctive mouths consist of a relatively immobile lower jaw supporting two vertically aligned upper jaws which, when opened, seemingly cause the face to split. Despite the ferocious appearance of their mouths, skags do not appear to have teeth. Instead, a series of barbs extends from the end of their lower jaw and along both edges of their upper jaws.


He’ll be sure to keep you in stitches! Contents [ show ] Character Bio He is a light blue moose originally a dinosaur with a low I. He is sometimes portrayed as the babysitter or carer for many of the other characters.

Hook-up is the description of tasks that comprise the final connection together of components (such as pre-fabricated equipment skids and modules amongst others) that will when complete comprise the entire production and processing facilities.

This is the first theatrical Goofy solo cartoon short other than a few educational films made in 46 years, since Aquamania. In the style of The Everyman cartoons of the s, this short follows Goofy as he buys and then sets up his home theater system, to watch football. Contents [ show ] Production The short was partially produced using a new “paperless” production pipeline for Disney, the first major change in production technique for hand-drawn animation at Disney since the introduction of CAPS, and was also an attempt to see if the new digital animation tools could be used to produce a short with the same graphic look as that of a s cartoon.

Instead of animating with pencil on paper, some of the animators, such as Dale Baer, worked on Wacom’s cintiq tablets along with Toon Boom Harmony for the animation, while other animators such as Mark Henn and Andreas Deja continued to work in the traditional method with pencil on paper. However Disney’s next hand-drawn animated feature The Princess and the Frog only used paperless with the animation effects and coloring while not in the character’s animation, which is still done in paper and then scanned.

Book of Secrets on December 21, The short was shown early at the “Animate with the Greats” class taking place at Facet’s Theatre. It is also available for purchase on the iTunes Store. The three-minute “have a laugh! Both versions of the cartoon were released on the first “have a laugh!

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He is sharp-witted and persistent, but he is also irritable, cowardly and hard-hearted. He wears a tall hat, a tattered red cape, and carries a large staff to make him look more intimidating. He is the most flawed of the stitchpunks. He represents The Scientist ‘s stubbornness and perseverance, and the defiance against the war that prevented him from giving up on creating the stitchpunks.

He is a kind inventor, mentor of 5. He constantly explores the wasteland, and as a result, he has sustained much wear and tear, making him frail and delicate.

Javik is the only known survivor of the ancient Prothean race. After being preserved in stasis for over 50, years, he is revived and seeks to wreak vengeance on the Reapers for the demise of his people. In Prothean society, there were many “Avatars”, Protheans who embodied a single virtue for.

She is a teen singer and actress who gained fame for her childhood film role in Daddy’s Little Girls. She also starred in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Biography Lauryn McClain comes from an artistic family. Her father is a music producer, vocalist, writer and sound engineer. Her mother, Shontell, is also a vocalist and songwriter. Lauryn has two sisters, Sierra age 23 and China Anne age 18 who can also act, sing, dance and write.

Lauryn was in her first school musical when she discovered her love for singing and acting. She was once a very, shy girl; however, her appearance in her 1st film, The Gospel, left her wanting more. So she put away her stage fright and picked up a guitar. She hopes to one day play the instrument very well and write alternative songs like her mentor, Avril Lavigne. Lauryn also loves to roller blade, read chapter books and perform with her sisters.

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How much height to loop the loop? The height of the loop depends on the entry speed The diameter is usually adjusted to provide 1g acceleration in the upward direction to the upside-down passengers. Technically, if the entry speed is the variable, and you don’t worry about smashing the passengers or the g-forces, the loop can be …ANY size.

Wright Stuff is a Division B event for the and seasons and a Division C event for the season. The event involves making, testing, and flying an airplane powered by a twisted rubber band, with the goal of achieving the longest flight duration.

He originally worked as the station pilot at the Big Station , but longed to leave his yard to go out and see the world. After helping to rescue James from a nasty accident, Thomas was rewarded with two new coaches, Annie and Clarabel and was given the responsibility of running the Ffarquhar Branch Line , where he continues to work to this day, but occasionally leaves Sodor to work on foreign railways.

Contents Biography The Railway Series Details of Thomas’ arrival on the North Western Railway in are more or less undocumented and it is unknown how exactly he showed up. The most popular theory put forward, however, is that he was sent to Sodor in a wartime mix-up. He enjoyed teasing the other engines, Gordon most of all and would quietly sneak up on him and whistle loudly as he dozed on a siding. However, one morning, Gordon managed to get back at Thomas by pulling out of the station before he could be uncoupled from his coaches, dragging him down the line at tremendous speeds.

Thomas vowed to never tease Gordon again, but made him change. Perhaps as a result of his brief excursion beyond his boundaries, Thomas longed to see more of the world and become a part of it and became jealous of the bigger engines for having the chance to pull trains. When Henry fell ill one morning, Thomas was allowed to take his morning passenger train when there were no other engines available, much to his delight. However, for reasons unknown, Thomas left the station before he could be coupled to his train, leaving behind the coaches, the passengers and their luggage.

Thomas was not aware of his mistake, until he was stopped by a signalman who asked where his train was. Ashamed and humiliated, Thomas returned to the station, this time waiting to be coupled to his coaches, but the incident had made him a laughing stock among the bigger engines. Thomas continued to grumble to the other engines, though they took no notice of him.

However, Edward felt sorry for him and allowed him to take his goods train to Wellsworth while he handled his shunting duties in the yard.


The following is a list of features of Madness Project Nexus. New, more realistic weapon sprites The game has an Episode-Stage based gameplay system. New episodes and sets of stages will be released later in future updates. There will be 3 Episodes in total.

Hook up the KE30 brake line onto the bracket on the KE10 strut (this will screw straight in). I had an engineer true up the rotor and open the centre hole a little to be an H7/s6 fit. I can go into it in much better detail, and take photo’s of the veiws you would like. This upgrade will be a very easy one to do if you want to give it a go.

Wikipedia The following are some examples of the slang of the United States Navy , you will also see references to the United States Marine Corps as well because of their use of naval terminology sometimes also referred to as NAVSpeak. Note that in the Navy, many ships and units have nicknames; these are listed separately, in Appendix: A slang term for any time between midnight and daylight. Used to convey that the time is when people are usually asleep. A slang term that is used to describe that the commencement time of an operation or exercise is after midnight and before daylight; most typically when people would be deep asleep.

It is not a reference to any particular time. When a sailor in dress pants pulls down on the top two corners and all 13 buttons come unbuttoned at once, usually done just before sex. A mythical substance that new Sailors are sent in search of as a joke. Pronounced as “one dee ten tee”, “one delta ten tango” or “idiot”.

Lauryn McClain

You can cancel email Job Alerts at any time You will need to confirm your email address You will receive emails when new jobs match the following criteria: The job holder is accountable for the following activities 5 days ago Port Captain Papua, Indonesia Salary not specified Contract General responsibilities: Involvement in the selection of and management of the offshore marine fleet involved in the project.

This includes advising the Project Manager and the offshore of Installation Manager on all marine matters and issues.

I want him to hook up with Carol, they are closer in age and they’ve been hinting the whole relationship since Season 2. Something with Caryl needs to happen in Season 5 .

She is “a bit older than Violet,” and wears triangular-shaped glasses. Biography Edit Fiona’s father moved away when she was young, but her mother was re-married to Captain Widdershins. He continually tells Fiona that her mother died in a “manatee accident,” though Fiona doesn’t believe it was an accident; indeed, towards the end of the book, it is revealed that Widdershins was wrong about this. It is unknown whether these two incidents are related.

Fiona is the sister of Fernald, the Hook-Handed Man, and although their last names are unknown, it is made clear that they are not part of the Widdershins family. Fiona is fiercely loyal to her brother.

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Walkthrough[ edit ] Your party must help the guards to retake the Great Northern Wall by pushing the Charr invasion back. Proceed forward until you sight the wall. Eventually, you will meet Siegemaster Lormar who will brief you how to recover and use trebuchets. To make the siege mechanisms operable again, you need to salvage other Wrecked Catapults and use their parts to fix the one near Lormar. Each of the needed pieces are indicated in the wiki-map.

Pick them up one by one and deliver them to Lormar by talking to him.

It starts sucking up the candy. Crusher (snickers) Oh, yeah! Don’t stop, candy stealer! I want more candy! He and Darington hook Zeg and Starla away. Starla Whoa! Zeg Whoa! We need to engineer some way to get past those robo-pumpkins. Stripes Ooh! What if we had something that could cut those pumpkins into little pieces?

During his days there, he used to unload the mail from the mail boat into Thomas and Percy ‘s mail vans , for them to deliver all over the island. One of his jobs also involved a grapple bucket. Sometime later, he was shifted to Brendam Docks and worked alongside Cranky, where he was used to unload cargo from ships. Big Mickey once had to unload a boiler from a ship, but he accidentally swung it and knocked Edward onto his side.

Later, when Gator was leaving Sodor, Big Mickey loaded him onto a ship while Cranky was being repaired after his crane arm broke. In the twenty-first season, he took everyone by surprise after not making communication with anyone for many years and became part of the dockside crew with Cranky and Carly. Personality As Big Mickey was said to be silent for a long time, mainly because Cranky has “never said a single word to him”, very little is known about him casting aside his known persona from TUGS , although it can be assumed that he is not the best at communicating, as Salty put it.

The Tanzanian Crane is another member of this class. Livery During Seasons , Big Mickey had cool grey paintwork, however, since the sixth season, he now has warm grey paintwork. He was the yard’s biggest crane and was voiced by the late Timothy Bateson.

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